Kicking the Common Core in the Teeth? Get a Life.

Kicking the Common Core in the Teeth? Get a Life..

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Rand Paul?

Interesting blurb from Rand Paul on the Rachel Maddow show last night, which can be viewed from, regarding the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

While his discussion was meant as a theoretical, he clearly stated that the government shouldn’t have any role in enforcing or creating laws that tell private business owners what they can or cannot do with regard to discrimination. Paul was fairly clear that he believes that business owners should have the final decision on who they serve and who they do not. This is a dicey political situation for Paul, because he will now be hammered by every civil rights advocate in the nation. This would mean, as Maddow suggested, that Bob Jones University could still enforce their rule against interracial dating (which was alive and well at BJU until May 2000). And other universities could decide to only cater to, well, white students, or african americans, or others. Rand Paul’s theoretical discussion, if it was acted upon by the Tea Party (and I’m not so sure the Tea Party really buys his argument), would take out the Civil Rights Act and put us back to the 1950s.

Thankfully this is just a theoretical discussion, but Rand Paul is effectively GONE from politics only 48 hours after winning the GOP Primary in Kentucky.

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The Cost of College Sports

This morning’s discusses issues of funding for intercollegiate sports on US campuses. In particular, Ohio University, which requires $15 million in institutional subsidies to support it’s $20 million sports program. Meanwhile, the institution, like many others, are cutting faculty and staff positions, student support programs, and other expense line items to balance their budgets.

How much funding should go for sports in an academic realm? This year, NCAA sports seem to take a light-year step forward in the American consciousness. The NCAA “brackets” were common talk; the NFL draft was televised for three days (and that is ALL about college football); and there must have been at least 50 televised bowl games this year. Without doubt, this is big business. But at what cost? I don’t suggest we get rid of intercollegiate athletics, but it is starting to drive institutions more than scholastic issues. And that’s a shame.

Interested in your thoughts.

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Welcome to my Blog!

Welcome to the EPI Blog by Dr. Watson Scott Swail. I hope you find my comments of interest and germaine to educational issues important to you. As always, the contents of this blog are mine and only mine, and are not reflective of the Educational Policy Institute or EPI International. Please feel free to share with your friends, and comments are welcome. Just play nice and don’t run with scissors.

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